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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by munson17, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. munson17

    munson17 New Member

    Hey guy, I'm new here and to chameleons. I recently got a 3 month old male ambilobe panther chameleon from Screameleons 2 weeks ago. He is still very shy and hides when ever i mist : /. He is also not eating much i was wondering if it is because its winter time?

    and here he is


  2. SS4Luck

    SS4Luck Established Member

    wow he is a cutie and that is a nice looking setup.

    alot can go into why they wont eat. How much is he eating? My baby panther is taking about 8 crickets a day right now, which i think is a little low, but as long as they look healthy and ARE eating and drinking every day you should be okay.

    what are you basking and ambient temps? avg humidity? a lot of little fine details play into the problems of keeping chameleons healthy
  3. Seeco

    Seeco New Member

    cool name!!
  4. munson17

    munson17 New Member

    The basking temp ranges from 84 to about 88, the ambient temp is around 75ish, The humidity on some days dips down to about 30ish but normally is around 45-55 before misting. i also have a little dripper running for around 12 hours a day, he is drinking fine but in a day he normally eat only 3 or 4 1/8 sized crickets. he also poops every day is that good?
  5. farrahsc

    farrahsc New Member

    Love the setup! He's so cute!
  6. Ace

    Ace Avid Member

    you stole my cham;s name!!!!:mad::p;):D:cool:

    lol....when i saw this thread...i was like "what the heck?"

    and your cham looks awsome.....

    never thought another cham would b named "Zulu" like my cham:rolleyes::p
  7. Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan New Member

    Hehe I knew that was coming...:D
  8. munson17

    munson17 New Member

    hahah sorry about the name stealing : )...but its was a too awesome name to have pass up. as soon as i saw him...he had to be a Zulu
  9. longlostlotrelf

    longlostlotrelf New Member

    OMG he is adorable :) I love how big their eyes are when they are little XD
  10. SS4Luck

    SS4Luck Established Member

    everything sounds good. The basking temps might be a little high, but thats where mine are too to or else my little guy wont move and gets real lazy. As long as he is active and drinking/eating/pooping everyday i dont see too much of a problem, if he starts to look unhealthy get him to a vet asap tho
  11. SageZA

    SageZA New Member

    The reason i think he is not eating is the fact that your cage is very dense can he see his food. Are you cup feeding him?
  12. HecticZ

    HecticZ New Member

    Can you find Scientific facts, that the reason he isn't eating its because it is too dense. lol JK

    If you look closely there is a gallon that has been cut open, for the cup feeding method.

    Chameleons like to be able to hide so they feel safe.
  13. munson17

    munson17 New Member

    i actually took to feeding cup out ( which he didnt use much) and now he is eating a lot more, i just he likes to hunt for his food : )
  14. SageZA

    SageZA New Member

    Ha ha ha is this coming from Jimbo's Diary :p :D

    Thing is i have seen people make thier cages to dense for the cham to find and hunt for food :D
  15. Zero84

    Zero84 Member


    Are you cup feeding or free range feeding. You might try and acquire some house flies from a supplier. I raised my first veiled on a diet of mostly flies. He loved them and never got tired of them. I would also try and get the humidity up some. Hydration is very important. Good luck.
  16. Zero84

    Zero84 Member

    milk jug

    Sorry didn't notice the milk jug that was cut and attached to the corner of the cage. I would be concerned that you little guys tongue could catch the edge which could be a little sharp. If you are using artificial plants I would consider switching. Real plants will help with humidity and air quality.
  17. jessica

    jessica Avid Member

    You said you just received him two weeks ago? He could be still getting use to his new environment.

    How much is he eating?

    On a side note lol 88 degrees could be a little high for a 3 month old. I keep little guys like that between 80-83
  18. munson17

    munson17 New Member

    i just put the light more above the cage and the temp is now at 84ish.

    and he is now eating abut 8 crickets a day which is way better then what he was eating.
  19. Texas Panther Man

    Texas Panther Man New Member

    Eight to ten feeders a day is a good avg. You need to mix up your feeders though. Try some small superworms, silkworms, or flies. Crix can be a staple but he needs variety also. You can gutload your superworms like you do crickets. Silks and Horns have a special diet that can be purchased along with the worms. Same thing with flies you can buy a premixed dry feed.
  20. munson17

    munson17 New Member

    Thanks, I've tried horned worms, even a wax worm for a snack and he just ignored them, I will be ordering a silkworm breeding kit soon and I am also gonna try the fruitflies , hopefully he'll like them

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