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Discussion in 'General Photography' started by jajeanpierre, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. jajeanpierre

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    Wild caught Calumma crypticum. First picture taken recently by @jpowell86 where Hippo has been living since a month or two after import. Second picture is Hippo at import.


  2. Monta

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    So when does Hippo get to go home. How long is quarantine duration for ?
  3. Scottsquatch

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    Cool looking cham.
  4. jajeanpierre

    jajeanpierre Chameleon Enthusiast

    Hippo will probably never come back home. He's part of a breeding project for Calumma crypticum that Joel is working on. I think Joel has the only three female crypticum in the US and I have the only male we know of. He's too valuable to just be sitting looking pretty in my living room. He'll come home when Joel no longer needs him for breeding. The species is not allowed to be exported from Madagascar. They were misidentified by the exporter. They won't be imported except in error. They were not easy to identify. The females are more likely to be misidentified than the males so he is especially valuable.
  5. Sloppysponge

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    Nice looking guy.
  6. Scottsquatch

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    He's a study looking fellow for sure.
  7. JoeDigiorgio

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    I was looking into these a while back when Joel first showed his female off. Very very lucky find to have gotten one let alone 4 crypticum. This is a species absolutely worth getting established.
  8. Very nice Calumma crypticum. Sam had one female a while ago. I think he may not disclose whom he sold that female Calumma crypticum to though. If tracking that female down is of interest to you.

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    Jeremy A. Rich
  9. jajeanpierre

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    A few people were offering brevicorne as crypticum. It's not my species--I just happened to find one and recognize him as such. Actually, I found two. They are both with Joel.
  10. The one I am talking about was ID as a female Calumma crypticum by a group of people. However I could not tell you who she was sold too or if the female is alive anymore. Figured it was worth mentioning as Calumma crypticum is a spectacular Madagascar Elephant Eared Chameleon.

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    Jeremy A. Rich
  11. Scottsquatch

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    Study not study. LOL
  12. JoeDigiorgio

    JoeDigiorgio Established Member

    Crypticum is the most beautiful of the elephant eared chameleons in my opinion. I spent a short time obsessed with them when I learned about them last year. Those blue legs..
  13. There are actually three or four species other out of the twelve Madagascar Elephant Eared species that have got spectacular coloring. Calumma crypticum is not the only one. Just happens Calumma crypticum is the only one we are probable going to have a look at imported in the near future. There are a couple with some neat coloration if you like colors on chameleons. Calumma amber and Calumma peltierorum are two Madagascar Elephant Eared species that have got spectacular colors. The second species I listed is difficult to locate pictures of.

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    Jeremy A. Rich
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  14. jajeanpierre

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    I've been surprised at how pretty a brevicorne can be. I have a very blue brevicorne male that we were hoping was a crypticum but it looks like he is just a very blue brevicorne. The experts keep changing their minds about the brevicorne clade. It's all going to change in a few years. I think they only decided crypticum was separate from brevicorne less than 10 years ago.
  15. jajeanpierre

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    I don't know--a malthe is a darn pretty animal--grass green ears, cobalt blue turrets and a body that looks like grey bark. They are really beautiful. The females in breeding condition are spectacular with their pastel pinks and blues.


  16. GCash

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    Here is the female crypticum I had right before I sent her to Joel. Zoom in and check out the blue spots on her legs and abdomen. Would love to hear an update on her.
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  17. I have owned a Calumma brevicorne. They are a great species. I think all the species in that clade are great even the cryptic Calumma cucullatum with its bizarre racing stripe. The Brevicorne clade was divided into six new species in 2006. Here is an abstract to the article about the devision of the Calumma brevicorne clade with a list of those six species.

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    Jeremy A. Rich
  18. JoeDigiorgio

    JoeDigiorgio Established Member

    In your last post on the linked thread you mentioned incubating 3 eggs. That was almost exactly a year ago. What was the outcome? Still incubating?
  19. No they molded over. I definitely want more of these Madagascar Elephant Eared Chameleon Calumma eggs in the incubator. However I am mostly working with and attempting to bred Calumma parsonii parsonii. However babies take about ~3 years plus to reach sexual maturity. Meaning breeding is going slow here on my end.

    My Furcifer willsii eggs looked good for a long time. They went to 16 months.

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    Jeremy A. Rich
  20. JoeDigiorgio

    JoeDigiorgio Established Member

    There seems to be little to no info online regarding incubating the small Calumma species.

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