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Okay so I'm going to start a YouTube channel which is a chameleon q&a. First thing I'm wondering is what I should call it. Any suggestions?


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Video Ideas:

-Basic Husbandry (covering size, lighting, temps, humidity, setup, foilage etc)
-Supplementation & Gut Loading -how to, what and how often.
-Housing and or breeding feeders
-Common health issues, what to do and how to avoid them. (mention showers, syringe feeding, when its necessary to see a vet etc)
-Top 5 mistakes to setting up a cham enclosure (Dont buy a kit with dome fixture/coil bulbs, acceptable substrates, the importance of vertical perch placements, fake plants, WATERFALLS. Or what ever you can think of)
-A video going over how most females need lay bins (show how to make one and where to put it) regardless whether they are being bred or not.
-Settings up a free range
-How to properly handle and how often, hand feeding, things like that.
-If you have a mist king, do a review on that showing how convenient it is.
-Maybe a how to video on building a climb feeder.

meh just some ideas I found myself doing a lot of research on.

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Just out off curiosity. You said you've had a chameleon for a year, right? What kind of chameleon? What is your cage set up? What kind of health issues are you qualified to answer? How many chameleons do you have? All these questions should be answered for the people you are trying to help.
I'm sure your heart is in the right spot for trying to help people getting started but it doesn't sound like you have a whole lot of experience.
Maybe you are a veterinarian that specializes in chameleon care for the last 20 years. Maybe your 19 that has a Veiled for the last year. I just hope you're qualified or at least if you're not let people know.


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I think it's ok as long as you outline from the start that this is a channel bassed off what you learned in the first year. Anything you DO NOT have experience with you either say you don't know or reference someone who does and say this is what is recommended and where I got that info from. This tells the viewer what to expect and covers your butt if something goes wrong. There are enough people spreading weak information on YouTube already. This community doesn't need more. Please follow your heart but DO NOT lie to people. I recommend you start listening to the chameleon breeder podcasts too. They will give you an idea of how this could work. Also watch @Owlco channel. She has been doing videos for a while based on her experience.
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