Yet another feeder!

Picture of the habitat I created for them is in my gallery.
I tried to attach it here but it's not working for some reason.

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Do you want to raise them up? If so, I would start off with really small Dixie cups and put 2-3 nymphs in each. I cover the cups using a rubber band and some fine cloth/netting I got from a fabric store. Set up as many cups as you think you can handle.

They are very cannibalistic and will eat each other if you put them all in a tank - you will get more to adult via the cups.

Ghost mantids might do ok in a tank together – they are a bit mellow, however not a very big feeder compared to Chinese, African and some Asian flavors.

Thanks Roo.
I was aware that they were canabalistic and was hoping to provide them with enough food to keep them from eating each other.....although I guess these insects are probably not terribly discriminating.
The enclosure in my picture is one I plan to hatch them in and then....
I have some options for splitting them up. Your suggestion is a great one!
I would actually like to grow a few to breeding age and see if I can get them to breed here. I also want to toss a few in the garden!
We'll see what happens.


Hello I always wanted to get some for feeders because every cham I ever owned loved them and never fefused them.Where did you get your eggs from do you have any links for some good info on them?Besides as feeders i have always found them to be very interesting.There are so many bazzar looking spiecies .They also make great photo opps

I ordered my egg sacs from Wards Natural Science.
If you google you can get the address.
Fate, The pic is in my gallery.

I just ordered some in as well.. they came in last week. I bought mine on Ebay. Lots available right now.

So, so, so get them from EBay. Many of them EBay are freshly collected and stand a much better chance of hatching then from Ward’s – at least from my experiences. I get mine from mantis_man_prophecies on EBay and for the most part I get a good hatch rate.

The ooths may dry out in a tank since it’s a bit harder to maintain humidity in there. I hatch them in tall deli cups, hot glued the ooth to the side, with a moist paper towel at the bottom. The lid should have a bit of air flow and I replace the paper towel when I see some mold on it. The paper towel should be kept moist all the time too.

Some excellent info on mantids …

Hey Roo,

Thanks for the link to the Mantid forums!
I'm in trouble....these are going to end up being pets too:eek:

I have a picture of a mantis that skewered a hummingbird and proceeds to eat it. I think Sci Fi alot and invision how terrifying for us humans if Mantis' were our size. We'd be gonners. lol
I'm in trouble....these are going to end up being pets too

Tell me about it. They ARE really cool and at the same time pretty time consuming - espceically when you feed them.

I saw that hummingbird pic. Pretty wacky, birds arent their normal prey but I think the mantid puntured a lung with its raptor claw. I cant see it killing that bird any other way.


In anticipation of wanting to keep some single mantids and of course breed them, (this is a ways off but I like to be prepared) I have devised a dozen of these 4"x4"x9" tall enclosures.
I got the plastic display boxes at hobby lobby and also bought some of that plastic craft mesh (you know, that you use to make a personalized carrier for your Bingo markers :) ).
I melted out the center of the lid with a wood burner and hot glued the mesh on the inside.
My favorite thing about this is that they are all the same and will look great lined up on a shelf.
Hope my eggs hatch :rolleyes:
Pics in my gallery
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Can these be used as staples or are they treats? Is there a nutrition chart for them? Interested in this feeder. Sounds good guys. Good luck.
I believe they could definetely be a staple, although perhaps hard to keep in quantity. We'll see. My mind is all over this project and who knows what I may come up with.
I have to say the info from people who have kept or are currently keeping them is invaluable.
My goal is to provide the largest variety that I can without turning into the crazy bug keeper (maybe too late).
I read somewhere, and I have to assume that this is to some degree educated speculation, chameleons natural diet consists of a variety of 50 or more different insects. It is not possible for me at this point to even imagine sustaining a menu like that, but as many as I can do can only benefit my cham.
Plus I am secretly an amatuer entomologist and this aspect of chameleon keeping really excites me.


I also ordered on ebay. There is a seller who gives you 15 sacs for the price most others ask for one. I keep them in the fridge and hatch 2 sacs at a time by removing them from the fridge to a warm, humid environment.
Even if I could produce a ton of mantids I personally wouldn’t make them a staple. It would only be a matter of time until one of those raptor claws causes an injury – they are super sharp. I probably should clip them off prior to feeding them out but I just couldn’t do that - to any critter.

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