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i've seen a male yemen in one of my local shops the other week and i can't help thinking it was small.
i know they r supposed to grow to 24 inch maximum so i probably expected something bigger. the body was about the size of my hand and i'm a big 6 footer.
what i am wondering is how big and quick do they grow to such a size. i suppose a 24 inch total lenght yemen would be a old man or women?
is 18 to 20 inch more common.
many have told me panthers do not grow as big as usually stated
18-20 is probably more common, but its not entirely rare to find a giant among veileds. As for your question about these giants being old men/women, no probably not, they don't grow much after reaching full maturity which will come withing the first ~8-24 months.

Females are usually somewhat smaller, and the one in the shop could have been not full grown.
The male I have now is at 15" in seven months. That is big in some comparisons I have did with other information but he is puny body wise. The last male I had did about the same. Put on length real quick and then the body finally caught up with him around the nine or tenth month. The rest of the length and body seemed to fill out evenly over the next six to eight months. From one crappy measurement I did with him still in the cage he was at max length. He was far to mean to remove and try to measure. The new male still cooperarates to this point. The female I have is over the max lengths I have seen. Right under 16". She is a big lady at 16 months of age. The information I had gotten said 12"-14" for a female.
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