Yemen problems


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Hi all
I need a bit of advice, we have just adopted a yemen. When I say adopted he was found by some friends of my girlfriend walking down the street! They had kept him for a few days before I could get the set up sorted for him as they couldn't afford to keep him. When in there care he ate well enjoyed a shower from there sprinkler system and seemed ok obviously a bit stressed from his ordeal.
We now have him a lovely mesh enclosure with full spectrum light and loads of branches, vines etc. He seems to be drinking but not as often as i would have thought, he has found the drip but is still a bit cautious. He also hasn't finished his last shed and its been a while there are chunks of pretty flaky skin on him almost ready to come off but it doesn't seem to be flaking off. Also he seems very uninterested in eating! he basks all day and as soon as the light flicks off he moves over to bed.
He was very much easy to handle although he has been left to settle into his enclosure.
Shall I take a trip to the vet with him or is there any advice anyone can give me, it would be very much appreciated
The best thing you can do is leave him to settle for a week or two before deciding whether a vet visit is needed. They can go for long periods of time without eating. They can take a good week to settle too so give it time.
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