Yemen or Veiled?


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I am in England and everyone at all the places that sell exotic pets here calls them Yemen chameleons. But on the internet everyone calls them Veiled Chameleons?
Is one of them more right than the other? Or maybe they are completely interchangeable?
I do believe they are same thing. Veiled chameleons come from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. So this being why they are called that.
As said they are both a different common name for the same species. In the UK most of us call them yemens and some are nor calling them yemeni chameleons which annoys me! :mad: In the US most people say veileds.
Oh cool,thanks for that guys, I was beggining to think I was going nuts because I couldn't find out for sure which name was "right" haha
The most replie I have got to a thread yet and I thought it was a stupid question and I would get laughed at, but you are all so nice and friendly here :)
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