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Hi, I'm in need of some advise as I cannot get in at my vets till Saturday morning .only appointment they 8month old female s health has alarming dropped. She seems to be sleeping during the day and is not moving around her tank and has stopped eating. She has been like this for the last day or so. However today she seems to have a dark green substance around her mouth it looks like she is wearing green lipstick . Her tank ,lights and heat are all good all inline with whats needed . She has good vents heat etc . We are spraying the tank on a regular pattern so no issues their . Any advise please
Everything that camimom said. Are you aware they can lay eggs without mating? Let's check your set up and supplementation.
No not yet on the egg front ,is she old enough.?the stuff round her mouth turned out to mud from the bottom of the tank , I've managed to clean it off with a wet cotton ,so she hopefully had a something to drink.she got a lay bin .
She is def old enough.

You shouldn't have anything on the bottom of her tank, for that exact reason.
Please post photos of her, and her cage, and fill out the form.
Chamleon info
My chamleon is a Yemen 9 months old and is female
She has been with us for the last 6 months
We handle her with care about once/twice a week
Food she mainly eats locust , tried her with crickets and wax worms but she is not interested in them , using a zoo meds reptile vitamins ,
We spray the tank about ever 2/3 hours
Her poo is yellow and brown

Cage info

Exo terra glass viv with a mesh roof , the viv is depth 60cm width 60cm and height 120cm
Lighting been used is a x2 exo terra 5.0 UVB tubes and the light is on from 9.00am to about 8.00/9.00pm
Humidity levels are around 60-80
No live plants
The viv is off the floor and not in a high traffic area.the top of the cage is about 1.5metres from the floor
Sound like she might be attempting to dig.
Your Laing bin should be about 12 inches deep and wide
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