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Hello all! I have a 14 month old male yemen, the past 3 days his left eye has been causing him some problems. When i went into him first thing in the morning his light had been on about 20 minutes, i noticed his left eye was closed. So that day i misted more often with warm water, used his fogger and it was fine after a few hours. However, he has had this eye closed since yesterday now and i dont know why. He opens it every now and again to see whats going on then closes it again. He is rolling it around, i have been wetting my fingertips and just placing it onto the closed eye which he then uses to give it a rub. Please dont tell me to shower him, this is not an option. I rehomed him 3 months ago and he is incredibly violent so i cannot put himin the shower stressing him out more. Is there anything elsei can try? My boyfriend thinks the eyelid has some sort of blister but i can't see it from his normal colouring. I am happy for a vet visit, just wanted to ask for some home remedies before i pay expensive bills!
You can try rinsing it with a plain saline solution that you can get from a pharmacy. You can try squirting it so that it is a gentle stream. Try and get it so that it goes into the turret and fills it up with the saline. Sometimes they get debris in their turrets and need help getting it out.

You should also post a pic so we can check if there is anything we can see that might be wrong with it, especially since there might be some sort of blister on it.
What uv are you using? Is it a compact bulb by any chance? People say thee have been fixed but more eye problems are copping up with them lately.
Bought saline today from the pharmacy but can someone tell me what to do?! Ive never done this before. Do i just use it as it is? Do i dilute it? Warm it? Stupid i know but i wouldnt want to get it wrong and for him to go blind or something!
This is a photo of his eye, does it look "blistered" to anyone?


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Erm my boyfriend feeds him as i am always at work. We gutload with fresh fruit and veggies, dust with calcium, reptivite wirhout d3 and nutrobal both every other week. He has his uv bulb and basking light too. I have made a vet appointment but cant get there until friday, i used the saline but it hasnt done much except stress him out
He is now asleep but both eyes have buldged to twice their size. Someone please reassure me here, i cant help but be upset. I lost my panther back in May and i was distraught. I don't want to lose another :(
Is he shedding? It could be a bit of shed in his eye if he is. I am sorry I don't know how you wash out with saline but hopefully someone else can help you with that. In the mean time I would give him an extra mist and see if he can get it out himself. Good luck. I am sure he will be fine.
Squirt the stream of saline solution into his eye at a slight angle enough so that you can see the fluid under the turret. It should fill up and the turret should lift away from his actual eye slightly. He probably wont like it and he might put up a fight, so be prepared for that.
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