Yellow or Orange ?


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Im not sure if you have seen this picture on here before, but i figure i would throw this up here for a look. He usually isn't this vibrant but sometimes outside he turns this nice way, and the sun is hitting him just perfect to put of a nice glow! Not sure if this is what you are looking for as I know i have seen some more yellow and even orange. I like the real orange guys in particular! I would really like to have one of those guys. In a way i wish veileds had more colors to them but have grown partial to the personalities of veileds.


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I am in love with the veiled! I too am partial to them, even though I've only ever owned one cham, and he is, of course, a veiled. lol! I just love the casque, it makes them look like dinosaurs :D
you know you could just go search for them instead of waiting for them.. Just look through the general photography section.. someone posted "Got orange" not too long ago.


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I'm a veiled gal myself :) my boy is a sook !!! He's got some wicked yellows and orange I love it !! He's amazing !!! Sweet boy! Everyone's Chams look great


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