US WTB Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii


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Looking for a male Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii. Post here or PM me if you know of any.
Contact Frank Payne/ Living Art. I believe he has captive bred Jackson’s from time to time. I’d stay away for any of these big importer/flipper places for something like a Jackson’s and find a private breeder like Frank.
Thanks, I’ll try Frank as well. Seems like most private breeders are done for the year.
My basking spot looks so empty. Won’t someone help me fill it?

I posted in the Jackson community Facebook thread. Had to use my wife’s account since I don’t have one myself. Hopefully I get lucky and someone has one. It’s been almost two months, but I still find myself looking in my terrarium for EZ only to see his favorite branch empty.
I know how you feel. if I see any selling I will let you know. Where do you live approximately?
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