WOW -T. Cristatus - THANK YOU Steve McNary


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I got 3.3 Cristatus from Chameleons International. I took out the first male and was blown away, he looked like he had been copper plated, put him in his enclosure and went on to the next one. This one was even more stunning, looked just like the photos you see of them as exemplars. The third a youngster so not fully colored.

My standard disclaimer...I take terrible pictures and my chameleons hate the camera.

The enclosures are HEAVILY planted (as noted in caresheets), so they are very hard to find, but I saw this guy (the second one with the WOW factor), also this picture is through the screen since he was way in the back of the enclosure.

I have to call him Sir WOW.


If you look closely you can make out the blue ring around his crown.

I will try to get better pictures of him and the others (the females are the most vibrant green ever!).

And since no one has posted pictures of the Serratus yet I will try to get some of them too, but from my first experience with them this morning at feeding time, these guys hide really well in heavily planted enclosures and being small and green they're hard to find.
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