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I have read over so many of your post! So much information!
Please do not get annoyed with me for asking repeat questions. My 2 new baby veileds arrived early friday morning so this is all very new to me.
Ok, I do not have many options close for purchasing food. I have a pet store about 30 minutes away that has crickets. Expensive though 10 for a $1. When I asked them about mealworms..they were like "huh" and when they found them they were a black color. Nooooo way. A few store near me have some mealworms they sell for fishing bait. I used them for my water dragons when I ws ina jam, but they are way to big for the baby chams...ok, I'm just gonna list my questions....
1) what are the nutrients my chams need to be healthy? What nutrients are a "must" for their diet?
2) Is ReptoLife Plus Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula for all reptiles a good choice for my chams? Is this the only type of supplement needed to sprinkle on their food, or do I need something with more calcium or more specific to chams? Also, how often should it be used?
3) How often should I feed my babies...and how much...Like once a day with how many crickets, or every day or more than once every day? I really have no idea.
4)What different types of foods are best for baby chameleons? Just crickets with powder for now? Is there anything else that is small enough for them to eat? I want them to have more than just crickets, but I am not sure what to start with.
The night before my babies were supposed to arrive I went and bought 100 crickets at my local pet store. When arrangements were changed and my veileds did not arrive until a week later, all but three crikets were dead. Is this normal and they only live about that long?
I have saved all of the links I found in your posts for future food purchases as I see you can get 500 crickets for $10 and I paid the same price for 100.
Since I am still perfecting my veileds new hme I am not ready to move onto a home for crickets just yet. Althought when I do....I really loved that rubbermaid setup! It was mentioned that the food needs to be kept fresh and I am curious how often the veggies need to be changed for the crickets in a setup like that?
5) What foods work best when ordering them? Do they last long after arrival? I guess I need to know how much they will eat so I know how much to order so I don't get to much. Any suggestions?

Thanks to all who take the time to read this any help me out. I'm sorry for so many questions. I want to get this right and feed them properly. Nite All!
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