Wow. Biggest panther I have seen


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So on my way home from work I decided to check out a reptile store I haven't been to named reptile island.

I stumbled across this panther, not sure of his name owner was not in the store. Other guy there said he is just on display and not for sale.

Anyways this picture does not do him justice, he is easily 2 feet long if not more. Have you guys ever encountered a panther chameleon this large! He's a beauty.

Also can someone tell me exactly what he is, not sure if he is a cross or not.


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His body is almost as long as my forearm and im 6ft. I am just shocked because I have been to reptile shows and seen lots of other chams but this guy is just a BEAST.

Now, can anyone by seeing this pic identify what type he is. Nice shade of green on the body I just wasn't sure. He has blue and red bars.
Stumped on the locale. He is a looker though!!! :) Maybe you should call back and see if you can find out who his owner is and see from there!
2 feet or more? I would have to see him next to a ruler to believe that. One of mine is 19 inches and he's enormous. If you are right, then he's on steroids or something ;)
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