would my cham be safe outside in CA?


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I was thinking of moving my cham to the backyard. I was going to make a 80 Gal cage and do an auto mist on him for about 5min 5 times a day to keep it nice in the cage. It gets a little hot some days about 90-100 during the summer but most of the time its about 75-80 durring the day 70 at night. Do you think this would be ok? I was going to make the cage so that if needed durring the rain or whatnot I could bring it in. But most of the time it would be outside. The cage would get sunlight but would I need to put a basking lamp up top for when the sun sets past the house? Anything I might not be thinking of?
what kind of chameleon is it and what kind of screen will you use because if you have raccoons or possum in the area they might be able to tear into regular screen and get him.
I am not worried about wild life at all in the city. Nothing like that anywere near me. And he is a 5 month old panther. I was thinking of having a cage made by cages.net with a standing sink tub from home depot.

20 In. x 24 In. White Single Bowl Utility Tub

Model 19F
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you are going to have to watch the temps closely in and out of his basking area...they have thermometers you can get that record what the temps were each hour...you might want to use one of those for a week before putting him out there
at what temp should I call it off? It gets about 83 durring the day in the shade, and 70 at night. This is in the middle of the summer. The cage would be moved inside if it gets to extreme.
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