Would it be a good idea?


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I have a walk-in closet and I feel like my chameleon sees too much traffic and has too much light on during the evening with my computer and sometimes television on. Would it be a terrible idea to put him in the closet that way I could keep the door closed when light is on and whatnot? It wouldnt get very good ventilation but there is no vents or fans and night time would be much darker for him because I know I wake him up too often. I would like to make the move soon so if you guys have any input I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks in advance!
It's not a horrible idea in fact quite a few keepers have done it. Just keep in mid ventilation is much harder. Stale air and mold are going to become an issue. A small computer fan might be nice or maybe set a regular fan on a timer to help refresh the air that might get trapped in there.

If you're going to keep one door to the closet open during the day and only close the closet at night you could be okay. Make sure your wall paint is moisture safe! I would use the bathroom version that has a protective coating to prevent water from seeping in.
I plan to keep the door closed only while Im watching tv or browsing the internet while his lights are out, and again while I get ready for work in the morning. I do have a computer fan that I could use just to get air from my room moving into there. I leave before his lights turn on so it makes it very difficult to get ready. I know that the paint is moisture safe already actually so that is very helpful, and something I wouldn't have thought about really, so thank you for that. I would use a curtain but I am afraid noise might wake him. How sensitive are they to noise?
they cant hear. they can only feel vibrations, so as long as your not bassin up the block youll be ok.
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