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    Are you hearing any rasping or like he is sighing? These could be signs of a respiratory infection. Has he been seen by a vet for an initial assessment? It might not be a bad idea.
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    On top of that, make sure to note his activity. I just recently got mine from a pet shop myself.... they are notorious for having chams with RIs and huge parasite loads. I thought I was lucky and then I started getting symptoms on Day 1 after getting him home. Nothing crazy up until today, and now it is full on gasping. Do not wait. Hell, I would prefer that instead of responding you contact an exotic vet now in your area and get an appointment today. Letting an RI sit is asking for bad problems. Also, while you're there have them give you a little fecal cup to put poop in so when he does eat and poop, you can get a fecal done.

    I'm honestly hoping the next update is "I have an appointment."

    Keep us posted, I'm sending my best wishes along with this post.
  3. Rogo

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    Im going to call the breeder i got him from he said he knew a good vet but i cant take him till later today i got school when he breathes there are pops and follows with a very short wheezing noise hes a little wobbly as he moves but his poop looks fine he just took a dump ill be calling today to set up an appointment asap
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    You are describing what sounds like an RI, and please don't go by the "he looks fine" approach. Most people that come here and say that end up with dead chams unfortunately. Their problems can be very subtle to someone new.
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  5. Rogo

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    I'm here because I thought he did not look fine i was just saying his fecele matter looks fine anyways new update I'm bringing him back to the breeder he will get the proper care needed and I will be getting another one and this time he won't be in a glass exo terra as that may have been the cause still surprising the night after I got him he was showing these symptoms and thank you for everyone's input I appreciate the help
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    Glad to hear and good on them! Chams kinda just surprise us with getting sick.
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