Worried About My Cham


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Hi! I haven't posted anything here in a while since things have been pretty hectic but I'm getting worried about my chams health.

Chameleon Info:

  • Your Chameleon - Male veiled, ~1.5 years old, has been with us for a year now.
  • Handling - Only when absolutely necessary.
  • Feeding - 4-6 crickets every other day. I gutload the crickets with vegetables, fruits and Arcadia Insect Fuel Earth Pro. I have tried feeding him other things than crickets but here the only ones you can get are roaches and he won't touch those.
  • Supplements - I dust all feeders with Repashy Calcium Plus LoD.
  • Watering - I have a MistKing misting system with automated mistings. It mists for 2-4 minutes. I haven't seen my chameleon drink in a long time but he is very shy and doesn't look dehydrated. I also try to directly mist him whenever I get the chance.
  • Fecal Description - Last time I checked his droppings seemed normal. Firm dark brown part and a white part. He was tested for parasites last year and the test came back positive. He was on medication for a while.
  • History - We have taken him to the vet three times in the past year. Once for being very low energy and dehydrated, then once for not eating for over two weeks and then for parasite check.

Cage Info:

  • Cage Type - Reptibreeze XL Screen Cage 24'' x 24'' x 48''
  • Lighting - I have a 60 cm Arcadia 10% T8 bulb with a reflector and a 75W heat lamp. Lights are on from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Temperature - The basking temperature is around 31-33°C and the bottom is 22-24°C. During the night they might fall down to 20°C. I measure these with a digital thermo/hygromter with two different probes.
  • Humidity - Humidity is between 35% and 60%. I have three live plants and I have covered three sides of the cage.
  • Plants - Some live plants, all of them are listed as cham safe.
  • Placement - The cage is located in our living room corner and there are no fans or vents nearby. The top of the cage is about 2 meters off the ground.
  • Location - Helsinki, Finland.

Current Problem - We just moved to a new apartment and my cham was at my parents house for Christmas and for the time we moved. A week ago I finally took him back home but he doesn't seem to be eating or pooping much. I have a food bowl in his cage but he doesn't touch the crickets there. He might have eaten a few escaped ones but I doubt that. I know that my parents took good care of him, they followed all my instructions and he was eating normally when he was there. Should I take him to the vet or does he just need time to settle into the new environment? Thank you in advance!


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Probably just needs to settle in a bit. Is he showing any other odd behavior that is not normal to him?
I was thinking he probably is just feeling a bit uprooted, too. Hopefully he will acclimate and be okay after a bit of adjustment time. Of course I cant be totally sure.
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