Worried About Commah

I'm posting this from my phone so bear with the typos and other errors.
Commah is a 1 year old vield. He has a 2x2x4 reptibreeze, a automatic mister, and a really worried mom!
Over the last couple days I've made some changes in his cage: he went from having a combo uva/uvb bulb to having a separate heating spot and basking spot. He seems to love it.
Over the last 2 days he has become very large (looks bloated), very aggressive, and I noticed today these two white/clear deflated circles coming out of his vent. I will try to upload a picture ASAP. He doesn't look uncomfortable, he is still basking and eating and drinking.

What could it be?
Not looking for vet advice, just if I'm overreacting, or if I should get him to the vet.

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