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Hey guys, I have a Senegal, and she has been eating small crickets but sometimes just ignores them when they walk by. The first day she was in the cage she ate a wax worm out of my hand. But now she seems scared of them, and will not eat them or mini meal worms. Is there anything I can do to help her get back into eating any type of worms?
Are you free-ranging all of your food our cup feeding them?

I'm new here I have no idea what free ranging means.
The first time she ate a worm was right out of my hand. But now she kinda gets scared of my hand and will only focus on that and not the worms. So I put them in a feeding dish and held them up to her, and now she kinda looks at them but won't eat them again.
Try offering her a variety of feeders such as silkworms, butterworms, phoenix worms, dubia roaches, etc. If she is afraid of your hand that is completely normal. The solution would be to "cup feed" the worms. Get any old plastic cup, tupplewear or whatever you have that you can put feeders in. Place the cup somewhere that can be easily seen by your cham and she will go and eat the worms out of it. Eventually she will begin to associate your hand with food each time you put feeders in your senegal's cage. She may eventually allow you to hand feed her.

If she ignores the crickets she just probably is not hungry.
Also try not to feed superworms and waxworms because these are very high in fat. Once in a great while you can feed one or two as a treat. Mealworms are not good because they are hard to digest and have almost no nutritional value
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