Worms in cricket bin? (pic)


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I fed my chameleon about 15 crickets this morning then later on I started to clean my cricket bin. I came across these little worms in there. Now Im really worried they are dangerous, and I'm worried because Malibu has already eaten most of the crickets I put in. I took out the rest of the crickets from his enclosure that he hadn't eaten yet, there were only 3 or 4 left. Here is a picture of the worms.


I beleive they may be fruit fly larvae. If this is the case, are they dangerous/parasitic ? Am I going to have to start from scratch on my cricket bin? What should I do about my chameleon already eating the crickets from the bin. There were only a few dead crickets in the bin that I could see. My crickets seem to be doing fine. I'm on edge worrying about my boy :confused:
Thanks to any replies.

I had to break out my GoPro macro mod lens in order to get the shot of the worms since they are so tiny, my iPhone couldnt focus that close up.

looks like some type of fly larvae, cricket scat is full of nutrients, great for fly's to lay eggs in. I'm sure it is nothing to worry about to much, Chameleons being kept out doors eat flying insects all the time.
Thanks, is it okay to continue using these crickets since I cleaned the bin and think I got all the worms out. Or should I order new crickets?
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