worms in bioactive substrate ?

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    ok sooo I finally finished Mulan's forever home :) and I went with one of the Biodudes terra firma kits, hoping it can double for when she has to lay eggs and NEherps isopod and springtail starter cultures. After talking with my dad the family's resident green thumb, about the plants. He asked me about adding worms ? he's on this worm kick since he started using castings in his raised beds/garden and i wasn't quite sure since I haven't seen or read if anyone has done this. ?

    PS picked up a very lovely ficus from the dude too

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    First, the enclosure looks great. Going bioactive is a great idea, and I can’t support your choice more. I’ve added worms to my bioactive soil before. In fact, a few years ago, I added one dozen night crawlers, and just a few months ago, I saw a very small worm on the ledge under the door where some water had collected. I assume they have survived and reproduced. Now, I don’t know if they help or hurt the rest of my cleanup crew, but I haven’t had a single issue with my enclosure in years. Something must be working.
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    tyvm she's enjoying the ficus alot, it's her new bed at night lol yeah I was thinking of doing nightcrawlers.

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