bioactive so many questions?


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I have NEVER done bioactive before. My current enclosure is not, but heavily planted. I have a 32x18x32 glass enclosure that I plan to get a second chameleon to put in and may do bioactive? I have so many questions! Also the enclosure is smaller than recommended but I plan on adding the cage/screen 32x18x32 and attaching it to the top when he grows out a bit so in the end it will be HUGE. The glass is because this one will be inside my house which my a/c sucks almost all humidity out of my house during the summer and winters are usually very dry. I do have some questions about bioactive though:

1. will the bugs escape? I would hate to have bugs all over my livingroom
2. does it smell? I have a strong nose for smells lol
3. I saw that even with bioactive, you still need to clean up any poop.. but my follow up question is what do the isopods and springtails eat then? I always thought they were the cleanup crew. Taking care of plans AND the poop/urate
4. Would you recommend the bio dude kit or the one from josh's frogs?
5. If I did not go bioactive, have you successfully kept humidity levels with just plants inside a house with a strong a/c unit? For example my humidity in my house right now is 48% and its summer... no idea how winter will be lol

Thanks so much for any assistance!
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