WOOT WOOT!! She layed!! Guess How Many!!

after a trying week of different containers and different soil and a lot of worry finally SHE LAYED!! it was spectacular. I cannot believe it I thought for sure she was going to be bound but not research and dedication pays off!!!...any advice for what comes next...can I use the dirt she layed in?? should I get some hatch right? I have my reptibator and I also have my therm. what should I look out for??:D


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Dirt doesn't usually work to incubate the eggs in. You need vermiculite or some other acceptable substrate for that. You need a shoebox sized container with a lid. Moisten the vermiculite so you can't squeeze out more than a couple of drops of water when you take a fist full of it. Fill the container half full and lay the eggs in dents made with your thumb. Try not to turn the eggs as you move them. Put the container somewhere that the temperature is about 75F and dark.
Thank you!! finally someone answered me.lol I have orders hatch right from lll reptile. it will be here tomorrow no later then sat. they will be in the dirt til then. the dirt is moist but not wet and they will be fine till that arrives thank you so much..i will be incubating with a reptibator so I have a consistant temp my house is limited on dark areas and constant temp so the incubator in a closet will work.
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