wont open his eyes and lathargic


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Hi I bought a male Jackson chameleon about 2 weeks ago and everything was fine until this morning. He wont open his eyes and is very lethargic, please help! This is my second male to go through this, first one died, but the 2 females are doing great for 6 months now.

Cage is screen and 6 foot tall by 3 foot wide and 3 foot deep
he is housed outside in Haiku Hawaii with an average temp of 80 to 70 degrees lately lately with 68% natural humidity according to my weather app
I made an automated rain system with 4 misters that runs 7 times a day from 1 minute to 4 minutes gradually increasing throughout the day with the temperature
gets 3-4 hours a day of direct sunlight in the cage depending on rain with no artificial lighting and
ample foliage in the cage for shade
unlimited supply of house flies as we keep the door open regularly and put food in the cage to attract flies
feed crickets daily and sometimes dusted with repti calcium


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This is a picture of his home. The bottom half never sees any direct sunlight and there is plentiful breeze throughout most days. I don't understand how the 2 females have done so good for 6 months but the males not so well.


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I wonder if this isn't a stress related problem considering the time frame. If you are in Hawaii then the animals you are buying are wild caught locally and have had the stress of capture followed by introduction to a new cage. It might be making them vulnerable to any parasites or infection already in their system.
I don't know why the females did better unless his cage is in someway infested or a source of infection. I would add a lot more plants for hiding places to see if that helps. Wild caught animals need to be almost completely hidden during the acclamation process.
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