Wondering About Milton....Again.


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:confused: I'm worried that my little 4 mo old Veiled is already getting fat, and is possibly dehydrated. I try to feed him every day, sometimes I have to skip a day because of my hectic work schedule. My main concern is dehydration; his excrement has a yellowish urate with it, and it was white the first week I had him. I'm into my third week, and watering him at least twice a day with a hand mister and then following up with a dripper. I've fed him gut loaded crickets with a sprinkle of calcium with d3 all last week (couldn't get a hold of normal calcium till today, the pet stores were all sold out for a while). Been gutloading the crix with lettuce, carrot slices, shreds of zucchini, and a few sesame seeds, along with a dash of cricket food with calcium.

I have not seen him actually drink much till yesterday, then today I misted him and he smacked his lips...right before hiding from the mist. :( I have a pic of him I just took, to see what you all might think. Does he look dehydrated to you all?


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Nope he looks good from appearance.

You can try longer showers, add a dripper, feed silkworms or hornworms, inject his favorite food with water, etc...


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Thank you so much. I've been posting about my little one a lot lately, though I've done extensive research even before buying Milton, and still am doing more research. It seems like there is not one answer for any question when it comes to raising something so special. :( Just wanting what is best for him.
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