With the Cold let there be Light


Okay, so with the cold season coming, it is increasingly hard to keep a room between 70-75 degrees for my Jackson's chameleon. Instead of worrying about heating up my whole room, could I not just get a stronger heat source (halogen flood light) and suspend it at a greater distance which would create a larger volume cone of heat in the cage to get it to be the right temps I'll post a pic down below so you know what I'm talking about. I have a portable A/C unit that gives me night-time drops into the 60's, but when I turn all the lights on, the room takes a long time to warm up being that my parents rarely turn the heat on. Would this work? Or would only the surfaces inside the cage (branches and plants) warm up with the cold air inside the room chilling the air which would create an inadequate environment? I believe that the strong light would be able to warm up the air in the cage without having to warm up the room to 70-75 degrees with some type of portable heater.

With college apps, midterms, and a whole lot of accounting homework--I apologize if this post doesn't make any sense--it's just that my brain is fried. So ask as many questions as you would like to clarify.




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For an adult male Jackson you only need to reach a basking temp of 82-85˚F and your low end ambient can be 70˚F. They seek warmer temperature than the actually need and will risk dehydration. I'm just saying be careful to keep some cooler areas for them to retreat to as needed and don't over do it.
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