with egg or not with egg..that is the question


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(thanks for the abundant amount of knowledge and experience shared) and after reading through 32 pages of post in breeding/female care i decided to just ask..are these gravid/receptive colors or just, "dont look at me and get that camera off me colors" sometimes shes bright green with no spots, like when shes asleep but others shes dark..ive sen her all over the cage at different times but not just walking around..she did dig in the dracanea pot the first day i added it..she sampled the dirt cuz the evidence was on her face but it wasnt much and she hasnt done it again.and she loves her leaves.. sh has a bite on the umbrella almost daily and only in the morning right when the lights come on.. never a whole leaf just a bite and thats short an at the bottom of the tank also appetite is stronger than ever and she put on a good bit of weight since i got her but i read that when she holds the spots..keep an eye out so to speak and shes had them about a week now but she isnt really fat..no bulge by the back leg..she is active though but not like trying to escape active..im planning to move her up to 24.24.48 but she seems a bit too small for it now but i can fit a laying bin in that..cant fit anything in the 16.16

type: veiled
age: 4-5 mths aprox
size: 5 inches roughly snout to vent
sex: female of course
cage: 16x16x30 reptibreeze


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