Will this stress him???


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Bit of a random question but i'm thinking of changing my chameleons enclosure about, as in move some of his branches around so he has more things to climb on and add some more plants. I'm just wondering, as his vivarium has had the same layout since he's been in it, will this stress him out, moving everything around? He's just over 3 months old have had him for about a month.

Any advice would be great

i imagine it could being a new area..but just like when you brought him home..put him in his new setup and leave him be for a bit to let him adjust..just my opinion..thats what i would do
I've heard (and tend to believe) that even for people change = stress, but not all stress is bad. If it's a change for the better than it's better. Imo adding more climbing/ hiding if it's needed will be for the better. I wouldn't change it all the time but when it needs it I'd go for it.
Mine have never been very bothered by me changing their cages around. I always put them somewhere safe while I rearrange their cage (like on a plant in the bathtub) and then introduce them back in when I'm done. But some might not eat for another couple days perhaps, it's always a possibility. Usually they love the changes and adapt to it with open arms.

But don't worry about it too much, you can't expect him to be completely calm every second of his life, he's capable of dealing with a little change ;)
I clean my cages thoroughly twice a month. I let my cham hang out on a ficus while I rearrange branches, if necessary. They don't seem to be bothered by the change as they all want to eat immediately once they're back in their clean cages.
Thanks guys for your replies, i think i'll probably try and rearrange his vivarium tonight. It's not going to be a major change just want to move some branches around so he has more levels to climb on, just hope it doesn't get too annoyed with me after i've done it haha :)
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