Why the difference in price of Veils vs. Panther juveniles?

I am sure that every veiled breeder in the US would love to charge panther prices for their offspring! At least then they could stand some chance of covering the cost of the food it took to raise the babies!

The reason the prices are so low is b/c any novice with a heat lamp, some crickets and a pair can breed with success. Clutches are large. Offspring are simple. Incubation is elementary. etc etc

Panthers are not what one would consider difficult but the different bloodlines come in and out of favor with hobbyist so the demand stays decent. Although recently the market on panthers has crashed, just watch the classifieds for any length of time and you will see the same tired panthers over and over and over god will it ever end! In addition while easy to breed, hatch, and raise, the reality is very few do it right and with any type of sustainable results. Most would be breeders soon discover there is not any money in this business unless you can work on large volume. Even then you are stuck selling your offspring in lots for 75$/head if you are lucky. In the end they sell out and only the few successful guys remain, they set the retail price for the morphs.
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