Why I've been away

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I just wanted to touch base with the members on here on why I've been absent lately.

Recently my ex was diagnosed with triple negative stage 2 breast cancer. She has been going through I lot of testing and I've been doing what I can to help with picking up the kids while she is going through this.

I will be popping in from time to time and I will always continue to help anyone I can with questions or concerns with their animals, purchased from me or not.

I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming Holiday season.


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I’m sorry to hear about your family news. Stay strong mike, I hope your girls are handling this ok and I will send positive vibes to the universe for your ex :(


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My sister is a 2 time breast cancer survivor and has her own cancer charity that she uses to help support people going through this. If you want/need any information or even just someone to talk to about the things that come with this just say the word. I would be happy to get you her info, or even talk to you myself for a perspective of dealing with it for someone you love. Regardless, stay strong.


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So very sorry. I just went thru with my sister her whole experience with breast cancer. Thankfully she’s a survivor of this crappy illness, as I pray your wife will be too. All we can ever do is take it day by day and never let ourselves get blinded to the absurdities in life and forget to laugh.
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