Why is he waking up so angry?


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So the past few days I’ve noticed Leo’s been in full display for extended periods of time. I’ve attached two photos from two different days. He’s been doing this of a morning when no one else is in the room so I’m wondering...can he see his reflection in the glass? I can, but it’s not super clear. Is it clear enough for him to be angry about it?


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So I should probably cover the glass. Any recommendations on how to do that? Can paper on the outside work? It’s weird that it’s just now bothering him as he’s been in this cage for at least a month. What an odd little guy. :unsure:


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Whenever I see that my veiled looks pissed I tend to offer her a worm or two of some sort. Kinda makes her forget what she was mad about. Then again they are veileds so they could just decide that they’re gonna be moody


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Especially on weekends when I wake up and my veiled has already been awake for a little while... I'll roll over to look and see what he's up to and he'll puff and flare up and I just think, "I know, I know...mornings are so *not* fun...coffee time..." lol. They're so grumpy...gotta love and embrace it, and sometimes relate to it :p. Mine also didn't start this behavior until about 12-13 months old.
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