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    I'm not a biodude hater like some in the community, but I definitely find him to be overrated and expensive. Especially with simple just as good or better options. Check out posts by @Extensionofgreen havent seen him around lately, but he's an expert on all things nature. Take a look at his parsonii build.
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    I do find some of his stuff as overpriced, and there are always local options. Remember, he is literally selling stuff he collects in the forest himself. I really have a hard time listening to him talk too, but as a quick source of knowledge and bioactive additives, he’s not bad. Also, his customer service is extremely good, and I found that he offers Arcadia T5 bulbs at a VERY good price.
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    Cant wait till my soil get't that bioactive... I can't really check because the enclosure is planted so dense that I don't really see any soil right now.

    I do sometimes throw in the species of isopods and other critters I find in my backyard, I also randomly add new springtails and tropical isopods... I still need to get my hands on bsfl, seems like a fun idea to have some bsf in there.
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    You're right, he'd be solid for someone trying to get something up fast without much bio experience. I've defended him in some Facebook posts because the bio groups were constantly trashing anything by him. A lot of it came off as jealousy since he's successful doing his passion. That said, for $100 I can get a good amount of high quality soil ingredients/mixes that have plants thriving. His reviews seem good, but I find half the fun of bio is tweaking things to fit your particular set up.
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    Sounds like you can put just about anything in there. I just got some sphagnum moss and top soil. You all talking and showing pics inspired me. My cousin has 13 acres of hardwood forest I'm going to get some dirt from his property as well.
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    The plants are more picky than the insects. You also want to avoid flooding the soil or it will turn it into an anaerobic mess.
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    I'll keep that in mind. I'll have to keep an eye on the moisture level and increase misting slowly if needed.

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