why i dont worry about escaped crickets


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One of my friendly house spiders. I call it Henry.

Nice looking spider. We definitely had a reduction in household insects when we have a few mantids on the loose. I prefer house mantids to house spiders ;)
There's no way I'd ever sleep knowing that was loose in the house! I'd prefer a small anole from outside, but guessing that's not really an option for BC, Canada :D
Hahaha that's awesome. I don't care because I dropped a cup with like 20 of them on the second week I had Aesop and they ALL escaped. Since then it's just kinda like "...dang. It got away."
Wow, none of my house spiders are that cool. The cats handle most stray bugs in my house, including poor hapless spiders.
I find the spiders do a great job. Little spiders deal with escaped fruit flies. big spiders deal with crickets (and hopefully any roaches that may have got loose - but let's hope none did). The only spiders that irritate me are the ones that somehow now live inside my dart frog terrariums and leave their webbing all over the place.
That would give me nightmares.

Speaking of insects on the loose...my Dad melted part of the top cover on the baby cage I'm keeping Pete in so there is about 3 large spots where bugs can escape...Well two nights ago I had an episode where I felt something crawling on me while I slept but I thrashed in the bed until I didn't feel it anymore. lol Last night tho, I found 3 mealworms walking through my bedroom and was awoken again by a cricket on my forehead. This time however, I got up, turned on the lights and caught the bugger.

Ick. Suffice to say Pete is moving to his adult cage sooner than planned. I don't mind an escape artist once in a while but I'm going to start losing sleep with these things crawling around!
Steve could live with a house full of them, but not me.....although that is an awesome shot of your house spider.......we do have outside and they are everywhere,granddaddy long legs.
I don't see too many spiders in my house due to the four cats that are always on patrol! :D I do get a bunch of jumping spiders that seem to out-wit the furry ones ;).
Dear sweet tiny baby Jesus. There is no way I could cohabitate with that hairy beast.

my husband feels the same way. Luckily his eye-sight isn't all the great when is glasses are off, so he usually doesn't know they are around. Which tells you how poor his eyes are, since these spiders can have leg spans of 75mm / 3 inches and body lengths of 1 inch.

Gotta be at least 6 in the house right now, and likely more. Its mating season for them so the males are running around more than usual.

Steve could live with a house full of them, but not me.....although that is an awesome shot of your house spider.........

They don't usually stand still and let you get within inches of them, so it can be hard to get close photos :) this one was quite willing though.
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