why does my chameleon yawn/hissing?


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this morning my chameleon woke up..
and was little bit grumpy.. he is always grumpy..
in the morning.. just like my girlfriend :p
but further from that he is awesome! its a veiled..
but when i wasnt even close to his cage he couldnt see me..
i heard a hising sound.. and a yawn after.. do all chameleons do that?
Is your cage glass? If so he might see himself in the reflection and get pissy! But other than that my veiled sometimes gasps in a huge breath of air... I'm sure it's normal though!!!
I read somewhere that it's typically normal for them to yawn in the morning, so unless he's showing other symptoms, he should be ok :)
I would see how often he is doing the hissing noise and yawning. This could be a possible sign of the start of a respiratory infection. Not trying to scare, yawning is completely normal. I would just try to see if the hissing happens every time he opens his mouth, also look for stringy/gooey saliva.
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