why does everything bad happen to me


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Well my dog, Eddie, has been sick. He is a Cocker Spaniel turning 7 years old next April. How ever, he aint gonna make it that long. Fluids have been leaking in between his organs and his body is producing any protein. He is also very bloated from the fluids. He looks a lot worse this morning and we are going to take him to the Vet's. The vet is probably going to say we should put poor Ed down. If so, i will as it is best for Eddie, however this will hurt tremendously and i will probably not be on these forums for a day or so. I just wish Ed had more time, and something else had to go like some not need skunk, or something. But as everything bad happens to me, Ed's not gonna have a long life as i had expected.

Best of luck to all of you and your pets!

Sorry to hear that Peter. With everything in this life, nothing is forever. Pets of any kind and even people are here for a short term. There will always be a form of loss, and that is a part of life. What is the amazing thing about all of this is the Love. We get the excited feeling when we get a new pet, The love for the pet, then the loss and morning for the pet. The love part is what sticks with us the most. Nothing can replace the lost, some things can mask it, but remember all the good times, and smiles, and everything will be ok.

sad it sounds i have 2 dogs one is 6 the other 5 it would hurt me if she ever got sick n i had to put her down , the younger one struggles with ear problems but is healthy , because the truth is no dog could ever replace her ,she is one of them dogs that would be impossible to find one ever close to being like her . i know if i live long enough im gonna have to face the facts but with my health being what its been this last year i doubt that i will be in your situation ever. so maybe its not so bad that the dog is dying soon i mean the dogs leaving you ,your not leaving the dog.
it was the first time i ever had to put down a dog, Eddie will always be in my heart. His burial is tomorrow and i will be getting him a head stone along with my first dog, cuz i have not gotten him one yet. it is always bad that a dog is leaving Fate as it hurts the owner as he or she is very attached and spends time with that pet. I always have spent time with Eddie wether running in a field or watching TV. No dog will ever replace him to fill that empty hole in my heart, but there is always another spot in my heart to love another dog. I dont think it is possible to replace any pet that is to some extent a bigger animal. I don't think (at least for me) if like a gold fish dies it is not as big a deal, but as something like a dog that you spend time with and come to contact with, it hurts to lose that...
Everything you guys said is true. There is no replacements for something close to you, but, There is always a extra space to love another. On a serious note. We take the responcibility of care and health of any animal we chose to have. If the time comes that it is in the best interest of the animal to put it down, that is what we should do. I have had to put down a few animals in my life, its never easy. I did it in the best intrest of the animal, not me.

That is true Frank, that is exactly why i did it, i felt like i had to. But, thinking back on it hurts as you know that was literally a "Last Goodbye" and you will never get to have those same moments with that animal. This morning I woke up and realized that i had no longer had Eddie. It hurts, as every morning i used to play with him or pet him. I am leaving in like 5 minutes for his burial. It will be sad, but I hope he rests in peace, and remembers me and the fun times we had. It also hurts that i was not there much towards the end of his life because i was in Hawaii, etc.... Nothing will ever replace him, and i wish him the best of luck in "Dog Heaven".
yea at a pet cemetary place. I dunno my parents paid for a grave size for two. My first dog was a good 6 inches underneath where Eddie was burried. I just wish Ed had more years in him :(


Fate X said:
i know if i live long enough im gonna have to face the facts but with my health being what its been this last year i doubt that i will be in your situation ever.

according to that statement u make it sound like you don't have much time to live so why are you interested in the costs of a pet cemetary... ?
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hiya iam sorry to hear this bad news its awfull losing a pet we lostour cat last year in august it still hurts to talk about him now.
I'm sorry you lost Eddie. It's always hard, and will take some "getting used to" before the pain subsides some. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.
im sorry to hear about it... :( i kno how u feel, kinda. every pet ive ever had, had somthing bad hapen to it, i couldnt take care of my beardie, i couldnt get the algie off my turtle, stuey died of MBD, and recently my snake got away, on saturday he got away. im rly sry to hear about your dog :(
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