Why do my Meller's Like it So Cold?


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See attached photos.

I have three Meller's free ranging in my apartment. Half the time I get home they're hanging in the bathroom with their claws wrapped around something metal and cold. My apartment is approximately 70 degrees at all time.

I have 16 chams total and only the veiled actually like to seem to bask. The rest typically move to the cooler parts of their environments. Fortunately they're all real healthy right not and I think part of the reason is that I don't make their environments too warm.

Anyone have similar experiences?

Anyone have knowledge on this subject.


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Hi. I notice I'm pretty close to you - I have a few melleri too. I've found mine like to bask in the morning and then tend to go to cooler areas in their free range. As a species they prefer and do better with cooler temps and as long as yours have access to a basking spot, they will use it when they want.


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Well, maybe they don't necessarily. If a free-ranged cham happens to end up in a cool area remember that as the temp drops they slow down (including their brain) and may be less likely to keep on moving. Cold chams tend to sit quiet. A warmer cham is more active. I'd occasionally find my melleri half asleep in the bathroom where it was chilly but that doesn't mean they CHOSE to stay there. They had a choice of two directions to walk out of their free range room...to the right was this bathroom. To the left was the main living area. Most of the time they would choose the living room rather than the bathroom.
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