Who says bugs aren’t pretty?


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I'm keeping a few species of isopods but was able to get some pak Chong as well as punta Cana they have more colors and are real nice But I still love my powder blues they are real active and reproduce much faster than the others I keep and that makes me feel like I'm doing a better job than I am 😂


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Be careful...if you keep going down this "road" to thinking insects are pretty, you might not be able to feed them to the critters! 😉
Oh…since day one I’ve felt bad about feeding off anything alive. They are bugs though and it’s a quick death so I can (circle of life) justify it. Plus I give the bugs a decent enough life…feed them good stuff, good sized bins, keep them clean and warm.

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Thank you man, you too. what kind of stuff are you keeping these days?

Due to some very serious medical issues that hit me suddenly I'm only keeping my bird, it was heart wrenching to let the snakes go, but I've had to put their well being over my desire to keep them.
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