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The new member to my reptile family, meet Pandora! I’m super excited I’ve been looking up leopard gecko care for awhile now and @Daesie11 found me one! Thanks @Harley510 I will take good care of her image.jpgC1143EF5-50C2-44B0-B878-BCF322BBF9D9.jpeg15FE7C96-6E59-42F6-9D17-D41BAAB89C94.jpeg


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Just curious what uvb light do ppl use for there Leo’s? I found this by Arcadia and was thinking about getting it for pandora


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None of my geckos get UVB. But it is still important that they get D3 supplements. I've been doing the same supplement schedule for my Leo as my chams. UVB is pointless as they tend to hide during the day anyway. However if you were going to do it I would use the lowest which I think is a 2.5?
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