White, hard lumps on cham skin

Pascal Murphy

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Our veiled female has white hard masses on her back and front leg. She lets us touch them and doesn’t seem to feel it. We use a mister , well water. She has uvb and heat lamp in 12 hour/ day cycles. She eats live crickets. She is about 7 months old. Her behavior has not changed at all. At first we thought they were spots of skin not shedding well and now they are much more pronounced. She laid her first clutch of eggs this fall, but I don’t think the events are connected. Her cage is screen entirely.


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Anything ever come of this or did you ever get it figured out what it was? My chameleon has had some spots on him for about a year now. Already been to the vet once and they did a biopsy and cut the spots off but they just came back even after the shots they gave me for him. Not sure what to do and been digging deep on these forums trying to find an answer lately.


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Make your own thread on it, you'll probably get more help than if you comment on an old one. ^^
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