White crusts. Over supplementing? What should I do?


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Hello everyone!

Quick update on Mr. Burns, he's been doing really good. He loves having his cage outdoors and his personality has started to show a lot more. He's far more active, outgoing and relaxed now.

Some of you may remember me being very frustrated because he would not even eat if people were in the house, and used to get very scared around us. He now practically runs to the door when he sees us and loves his minutes of supervised free range and exploration :rolleyes:

He is also a very enthusiastic eater now. He'll pretty much eat any time he is offered food. I have to keep a close eye on him while he's free roaming outside because he tries to eat anything he sees lol.

Since he is outside his supplementation schedule has to change a little because he gets plenty of hours of direct sunlight. Someone on the forum mentioned it to me, but i am still a little lost. I noticed white crusty stuff over one of his nostrils today, and after doing research I came to the conclusion that it might be due to over supplementation. He got a nice 10 minute misting which made it fall off.

He currently gets calcium dusted feeders daily, D3 every three weeks (since he is out in the sun all day), and multivitamin every 2 weeks.

He's an 11 month old male panther.

Any advice or comments? Not sure what to do :unsure:
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