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Hello everyone,
I recently got a month and a half veiled chameleon. Everything has been fine but I started noticing whitish crust around his nose. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to prevent this? And I was just wondering, what do I look for when examining the "feces" of my chameleon to know if hes healthy or not? Thank you in advance.
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Chameleons discharge excess salts and minerals from their nostrils.
This is normal and quite commonly seen in younger animals that are being overly supplemented.
What is your dusting schedule?

I bought a set of three kinds of minerals
1. Rep-Cal Herptivite with beta carotene MULTIVITAMINS
2. Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-all MINER-ALL O
3. Sticky Tongue Farms Mineral-all MINER-ALL contains Vitamin D3

this weeks example
Sunday multivitamins
Monday mineral 0
Tuesday mineral
Wednesday mineral 0
Thursday nothing
Friday mineral 0
Saturday nothing
Well many different schedules will work, if you are getting nose crusties with that schedule all Id recommend is to not do it less frequently, but to use a lesser amount of dust. A light coating goes along way.

After all you arent dusting to try and get the dust down your chams throat, but rather to raise the calcium content of the feeders in captivity back up to a level that they would more likely receive in healthier bugs int he wild.
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