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My velied cham has a white color around his mouth and he seems to be taking naps during the day i just took him to the vet for an eye infection and i treated him. He seemed to be fine until two days ago when i began to see him resting during the day.:(

He also was pretty clumbsy today. if this is MBD i dont know why he would get it since i dust his crickets every day and i have a UVB light over his entirely screened cage???:confused:

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Any methods or ideas on how to treat him.:) Thanks
The white color went away for right now... i turned his lights off for him to sleep and he seems to be moving around more now that the lights are off for some reason
Is this the same veiled that is making squeaky noises and had an eye infection? Resting during the day and clumsy behavior are bad signs. MBD is just one of many causes of such symptoms. Do you have any pictures?

i turned his lights off for him to sleep and he seems to be moving around more now that the lights are off
Unless this is part of your normal lighting schedule, I would not recommend turning the lights off.

dusting everyday is NOT recommended for any age. Signs of MBD can be caused by both an excess of Ca as well as a deficiency.

You may want to post your whole setup info (if you did this recently please link to the thread). As Brad said, there is no reason to give in and turn off the lights in the middle of the day - something is wrong. Was the vet a herp vet? ARAV certified? Can you post some photos of setup and cham?
I'm just curious, does it appear to be more of a 'crusting' around the mouth, or more of a chalk white that seems to be retained inside the skin?

I once had a senegal chameleon, and he died of something very similar (No need to worry! :E) The edging along his mouth and the top of his head turned this pasty white, and he eventually slowed down and died within a day. Yours does show similar symptoms, but it's probably something totally different, and hopefully non-lethal! Good luck,

Cage Type - entirely screened enclosure
Lighting - I have a basking light and a UVB light aswell they are turned on for 10-12 hours a day
Temperature - during the day his temp is usually 89-97 during the day and 76-80 at night
Humidity - his humidity is around 68%

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Male, 3 months
Feeding - Im feeding him crickets and i gutload them with a gel and dog food sor vitaman A
Supplements - Im dusting my chameleons with rep-cal for calcium and another duster for vitaman A
Watering - I spray his cage 3 times a day
History - I was just recently treating his eye infection

When i turned off the lights it was when i usually turn them off it was a part of my schedule.

I think i figured out what the pproblem was.

There were some crickets still left in his cage and they were keeping him awake at night so im guessing he was tired or stressed out.

I solved the problem by putting some gutloading food on the bottom of the cage to distract them away from my cham until i can clean his cage tomorrow morning.

So far hes been sleeping like an angel and making no noises.:eek:
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