Which Solarmeter?

I went over to Solarmeter's web side and started looking at their 6.5 meter. Then I noticed it said reptile keepers should look at the 6.5R model, which has basically a scale calibrated for reptile D3 absorbtion. Then I noticed that they "recommended" you use the 6.5R to measure the readings for your reptile's D3 needs, but also get the model 6.2 to measure the aging and loss of output of the bulbs. Sure, that sounds good! At $250 a pop, why not get 3 so I can also check my suntan!

So, my question is, which model do I really want. I am quite willing to do the simple math to convert microwatts per cm2 to UVI, and to look up the UVB needs for my reptile breed in a book. Do I just want a 6.2 or a 6.5, or maybe a 6.2R or 6.5R??
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