Wheres Waldo ? (err....Icarus)


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Icarus (03/21/2011)

crazy girl... !!
reading this and looking at the pics, they do :(

she hasnt eaten in a couple days! which is why i thought she was gravid in a couple of my posts earlier, but she hasnt even touched the laying bin (not even a thought in her mind)...

she's been wanting to roam alot...and get out of her cage (16x16x30)

the gular..its been like that since ive gotten her (from petco) and i thought it was just extra skin because at times she has it and at times she doesn't (she kind of sucks it in or it will be gone and other days it will be noticeable)
and when i bought her the lady was like we use this on our chams and i bought it and it was vitamins with d/3 and she didn't even recommend the ones without d/3 !

hunger strike ?
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