where to get new cham?


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hi i live in uk if anyone knows a gd place to buy chams wud like to know dnt trust peeps near me. thanks peeps
Which species are you after?


Yes I live in the UK. I'm in southampton. Which secies of chameleon are you looking for? And are you willing to travel of did you want it delivered? I can point you in the right direction. Let me know.
i wnt a yemen will delivery b safe as they do stress and is like 2 hours mayb 3 hours drive is quite a long way dnt have a car otherwise i wud justwnt a healthy cham u know.wht chams do u have?
The choice is yours!


I would have been able to ship you out a yemen myself, but mine are all sold now. Just waiting on my eggs to hatch. I currently keep Panthers and Yemens. I know someone who can courier CB Yemen to you for £65 including delivery. He has been breeding chameleons for many years now and I recently brought one from him for breeding. He has extensive knowledge and will answer all your questions. His name is Marcus and his phone number is 01489 786739. Check in my gallery to see a photo of my young one.
ok thanx for tht preciate it.your chams look cool like ur pantha great colours.when i get me cham ill post some pics.
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