where to get locust/grasshopper?


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Hi all,
I'm looking for grasshopper and just learn that they are illegal to send over state line in the us... abybody know a bit more about the law? Is it illegal to post teem or just to have teem or??? and what about the egg?

Anyway, i'm from québec, canada, where they are legal, so if anyone have some egg or some grasshoper and live in mexico.... contact me!

i would totally apréciate to, if anybody have some advice for breeding teem!

thanks all!


I am from Hungary/EU, so its a bit difficult to post them to the USA or Canada, and i dont know anyone who sellign eggs...but about the breeding i can send some info. If we are talking about the Locusta migratoria or the Schistocerca gregaria.

First of all you need "lots" of space and high temperature for them, about 90 F and dry to breed them. A little misting could be useful every second/third day.

To start you need about 50 adult animals, deep laying bin with a substrate of soil and sand mixed (moist it a bit). The adults live about 2 months, and the females lays eggs multiple times during it. One bunch contains about 50-80 eggs, the incubation time is about 15 days if the temperature is right, but it can take longer.
The larvae looks like the adults without wings, the go through 4-5 instars till become adults
They feed on greens, almost any of them, so you can gutload them too.

I hope it helps. :)
Hi ricardo =)
Thanks for the info, I guess it must be the same for the american locust... but, migratoria and gregaria seem to be impossible to import to canada =(, i try and find no way to send teem alive over sea, and, i think it will be bogus with the custum.... for now i'm looking for schistoceras americana... That is suppose to be easy and legal!

Thanks anyways! and if you know anyone who breed teem... I could try to see why the custum if i could import some! i worth a try!
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