Where to buy light fixtures?


I can't seem to find anywhere that sells a cheap dual tube light fixture for an 18" repti-sun and a plant light....cheapest i've found is $50. Is this about right or am i missing something?
If you have room, the 48" fixtures can be had for $10-$20. Theyre nice for covering multiple cages if you get more chams. Bulbs are about the same price too.
After using DIY's dual flourescent fixtures with the built in reflectors and individual switches to control each bulb Im spoiled. Ive recently converted all my old fixtures over to Diy's. They really are worth the $$$. Im pretty sure you can get the 18" lights for $45 shipped and the 24" for $50 shipped. Worth every penny...;)
Yeah, I love diycages.com too. They are so cheap. And Ill tell you they a built WAY better than LLL reptile. (cages is what im talking about)
I also agree with Julirs, I got mine at walmart for 7 and some change. Theyre not anything fancy but they get the job done.
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