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Hei I'm new to this site and was hoping if you guys can help me out. I've been wondering what the best online site is to buy fruit flies and feeders in general. I've been buying fruitflies from Petco and it costs a fortune and the vials are pretty small with very little medium in it, so I'm looking for an alternative. Thanks a bunch.

Unless you have access to a real reptile store that carries the large cups of hydei and/or melanogaster then the best thing to do is buy them online and make your own cultures. Depending on how soon you need feeders you can either dump money into cups to feed-off right away or wait until they explode in population (one cup can produce many hundreds of FFs), make your own cups and then feed-off from everything. Since it looks like you only have one critter to feed, you don't need tons of them but you do need to keep the process going. It's better to have too many cups of hydei then not enough. By the time that you have many cups going, your critter may outgrow FFs :). It takes about a month to get a fresh cup to explode in population. You might try ordering a cup of 1000 pinhead crickets and use/raise them instead. I have anywhere from 10 to 40 cups culturing at anytime when I have babies munching (as I do now).


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Hydei cup in full production. Photo is after removing enough flies to make 12 more cups!
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I used the recipe from BlueBeast Reptile to breed my own fruitflies. All i did was buy a culture of fruitfly.....and prepare the food. Add about 20 - 30 fruitsfly into each jar and they will start breeding. Here is the link below!!......... all u need to do is to get some yeast, water, vineger, powder sugar, wide mouth jar, funnel, cheese cloth and instant mashed potato flake!!


Thanks for the info. I went off to buy the cultures online (3) and I'm going to use some to make my own as was recommended. Thank you again guys.
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