Can chameleons eat giant African land snail babies?


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As I mentioned in another thread, I'm thinking about buying my first chameleon, and I've just discovered they can eat snails!

My parents have 2 giant African land snails that keep laying eggs like crazy so they have a bunch of babies. I was wondering if this type of snail is okay to use as a feeder or if I should only use garden/store-bought snails. I literally can't find anything online about it so I don't know if anyone here would know about it. The babies are smaller than your thumb but grow quite fast so it would be easy to pick a nice size to feed. They're both captive bred and have never been in the wild, and there are no chemicals used in the tank either so they should be clean of all that and won't have parasites from outside. I'll attach an image of one of the babies too, they're quite cute tbh.
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